P.K.D. Nambiar

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
B Square Group of Companies


Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist and Political Analyst, P.K.D. Nambiar wears many hats. He has made his mark as a specialist in the startup scene in the corporate sector. Mr. Nambiar is also a well-known philanthropist as he believes that giving back to society only enriches one’s life manifold.

Born on July 11, 1976 to K.R. Balan Nambi and P.K. Sarojini, Mr. Nambiar is a software engineer by education and hails from Kadannappally, Pariyaram in Kannur district of Kerala.

Since 17, he had already been engaged in business simultaneously with his academics and so he heard entrepreneurship calling. Mr. Nambiar founded various companies some of which he had divested and others dear to him, he holds and nurtures. Mr. Nambiar is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Flags Communications and Chairman, B-Square Group of Companies. He is also the founder of BSquare Foundation, a charitable trust that is close to his heart.

The Businessman
Flags is INS accredited marketing communications agency that has been empowering and facilitating businesses with top of the line services for over a decade. Under Mr. Nambiar’s guidance Flags has adopted a practical approach for companies and their communication requirements and have been extremely successful in establishing them as exemplary brands.

Flags provides 360 degree solutions for its clients that are tailor made to their communication and marketing needs brining is early results. It is Mr. Nambiar’s out-of-the- box solutions that have brought early success for the company thrusting them to the top of the rank among agencies in the capital region.

Flags can boast of top of the line clients, ranging from Engineering to Horticulture, Fitness to Finesse. The agency has serviced companies across the business spectrum and can today boast of a considerably large clientele. Most of the clients have been with the agency for over a decade. Mr. Nambiar would describe it as a journey of symbiotic growth that has rewarded Flags with success, stature and expansion. Flags can proudly declare that it has turned the fortunes of more than 50 business entities.

Mr. Nambiar’s expertise lies in strategic planning & brand building. He excels the whole gamut of Marketing and 360 Degree advertising functional parameters. With the vision to deliver excellence in every chosen undertaking, Mr. Nambiar is hands-on in all aspects of advertising planning, management of ATL, BTL and online advertising. Being the professional marketing Strategist, he works with the marketing team members to assure the accurate execution of high-quality marketing strategies within the defined time frame. Therefore, strengthen your business and make it highly mass reaching by selecting the right marketing strategy and marketing expert.

At Flags, they work from the point of view of providing integrated marketing solutions, rather than just delivering a single-point agenda.Throughout its journey, it has concentrated on working very closely with its clients towards making their ventures profitable, while creating a brand image in their sphere of business.

Flags continues to deliver measurable results and innovative marketing ideas, while implementing these along with our clients. The success story of Flags is purely the success of its various clients. The company believes that the success of each client and the satisfaction of customers will always remain its top priority. It is the undying passion of Mr. Nambiar that has resulted in the growth of so many clients and launched many business ventures and brand success stories.

B-Square has been solving compound challenges faced by several organisations across a number of industries with suitable digital solutions since its inception in 2000.

The company assessesthe clients’ business goals and provides customised software solutions to take the organization to the next level. The company’s esteemed clients range from small-sized organisations to Fortune 500 companies.

B Square Group caters to services from software development and software solutions to advertising, branding and even booking tickets for IPL matches! The venture was launched formally back in 2000 after Mr. Nambiar realised that he had a knack or marketing and business.

Mr. Nambiar had then dived into the “Dot Com” boom, later shifting to software development. “I did not just want to rely on one particular area for my business….. because if that would have collapsed, so would have my business,” Mr.Nambiar says.

Today, his company caters to over 500 clients from all across the globe. Back from the days when he used to work from home with only his computer as his office and he being the only employee, today he has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Ludhiana, Washington and Chicago; and about 60 employees.

“And all our employees are highly qualified engineers. Knowing your customer is very important. We do not aim to cash in the money he has in his pocket – we aim to increase it. This means he stays fully satisfied and never leaves us,”said Mr. Nambiar. “We have a very customer friendly, tailor-made and practical approach. This has helped us chart our journey so far,” he said.

His group attends to customers from all across the globe. Whether it be the US, the UK or South Africa or even the Middle East, his clientele has a wide base. “And almost 95 per cent of our clients have never left us!” Looking back at the journey he has scripted so far, Mr. Nambiar said that the company’s growth has been largely slow but very steady. This, however, did allow him to steadily diversify into various fields. “We want to grow bigger in the coming years. We want to hire more experienced faces and even expand to other areas in the market and other countries as well.”

“Patience has helped me come so far and I don’t regret or fret anything….. Also dream! But dream practically! And for success it is very essential that you don’t realise on theoretical knowledge of the books….. that theory will not help you get success practically!”

Bsquare owes its excellence to three fundamental characteristics which is part of its DNA — dedication and commitment, quality and performance-driven approach, and the ability to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.
The company has been successful in delighting customers for 20 years owing to its unquestionable commitment towards quality — quality of products and solutions, employees, and the relationship it maintains with its clients. Its sincerity and commitment make it a reliable partner to several organisations wherein it works in collaboration to meet the varied IT requirements of its clients.

The highly professional and talented team is the company’s greatest asset, Mr. Nambiar said. The company has established its own set of beliefs, values and codes of practice that are nurtured in the organisation. The company goes by the principles of leadership, integrity, passion, innovation, teamwork and customer success.

Mr. Nambiar has addressed various prominent political debates, forums, colleges and corporates across the country. He share his valuable opinions on political, social and business issues and has appeared on numerous news channels including NewsX, NDTV, NDTV 24×7, News18 and CNBC to name a few. Some of his well-known programs include ‘New Age Leadership’, ‘The Brand You’, ‘You too can be an Entrepreneur.’

Knowledge without action is futile. Mr. Nambiar is now a leading name in the list of the best political analysts taking a strong dedicated stand on the current dynamics of Indian politics engaging the audience into taking a strong stance in the crucial political issues. He is a powerful political strategist committed to delivering sincere political conversation in the major news channel debates and discussions as well as taking a defined lead in making Indian youth aware of relevant political affairs. He is very versatile with his decision-making skills and among the several contributors, contributing relentlessly in the current important political arguments promoting future progressive goals.

Being a motivational speaker, he believes that Indian youth has got the immense potential to transform the sad scenario of our country into a noticeable one by making great endeavours that will play a crucial role in the growth of the nation in every aspect. When India calls itself a young nation, youth in India should not be left unexplored. He has been consistently striving towards bringing the fruitful voices of youth in implementing a change as well as helping to fill this void by contributing meaningfully in the future of our nation.

Bsquare Foundation is an important milestone in a journey in humanitarianism, which began with the philanthropic work of Mr. Nambiar, founder of Bsquare Foundation.

Bsquare Foundation is an initiative towards the Corporate Social Responsibility; it is understanding that good citizenship is good business. Drawing inspiration from the founder, the Bsquare Foundation believes that philanthropy, a sacred social responsibility of all enterprise, is worthier when it encourages self-help and sets an example for the younger generations.

As a catalyst Bsquare Foundation works towards bringing changes in the lives of millions of children, youth and women, who are not privileged, by addressing the real need at the grassroots level and also enabling the civil society across the nation to engage proactively in the change process. With its vision to make a difference in society Bsquare Foundation is working towards addressing areas of concern that are hampering the growth and development of the not-so-privileged section of the society.

The sole purpose of Bsquare Foundation’s existence is to work towards social, cultural and moral improvement of the society and to help uplift downtrodden and deprived people.

Free health camps for senior citizens were organised by the Foundation to help those elderly people who could not afford basic or routine checkups in their limited pension. The foundation had earlier initiated various health camps including, the first India Online Survivor Cancer Network – KidsCan Konnect, Blood Donation Camps, Cleanliness Awareness Campaigns, Eye Checkups for Kids and healthcare services.

The foundation, under the guidance of Mr. Nambiar, has made Women Empowerment a priority area. Even though women make up 60 per cent of the workforce in rural India yet less than 1 per cent occupies positions of power and responsibility allowing them to make a difference in their communities.

In 2012, a Vocational Centre for women was opened in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, to help redefine their aspirations and to reach new heights through self-learning and continuous development. This led to opening up of new job prospects for them with introduction of the following curriculum: Digital literacy, Beautician Course, Stitching & Needlework, Photography Training, Computer Course, Electrician Course and Valuing Knowledge

The Bsquare Foundation has organised a landmark project that rekindled the importance of academic scholarship and meritocracy.

The Foundation cares about its countrymen and constantly works towards it. One of its ways of showing care is through doing generous donations to the common man who is needy. Some of the donations include:Blanket Donation, Distributing Cycles, Arrangement of Food, Cash Donations and Giving Scholarship.

Bsquare Foundation is an extremely environmental conscious charity. It has shown concern in areas such as global warming and depleting natural resources.

It is the undying care and passion of Mr. Nambiar that propels such initiatives forward. The philanthropist in Mr. Nambiar is sure to come up with more innovative schemes and plans for serving the less fortunate in society.

Mr. Nambiar is married to Payal Nambiar who is a business woman. The couple have two children. Son Ayush Nambiar and daughter Yashnita Nambiar who are both students.

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